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Handgearbeiteter tibetischer Sattel Teppich mit...
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This carpet was made in Tibet with the typical technique. The Tibetan knot has a completely different structure compared to the other knots. The knot is in fact executed by placing a temporary shaft in front of the warp along the entire width of the carpet. When the knotter ends the whole row, he cuts the eyelets around the rod to get the knot. These rugs with a particular shape were made as seat covers for horses, decorated with these refined artefacts for special ceremonies. Made in two parts were then joined with a piece of fabric or leather. The four symmetrical holes, bordered with leather that served to lock the carpet over the saddle are characteristic. The decoration refers to the classical themes of Buddhist culture. The main decoration of this piece is the lotus flower, the symbol of spiritual purity, which comes off on a red field, while the splashes and the waves of the sea are stylized at the corners.

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